Choosing art is notoriously difficult. What type of artwork best matches your brand or personality? What mediums suit your space? What artwork sizes would be best? What kind of frames? Where should each piece be hung? The list of potential decisions goes on and on, and many people get stuck in paralysis by analysis, give up entirely, or end up buying pieces they later regret. Before you make a big art purchase decision, save yourself time, money, and frustration by consulting a professional.

Let Myers-Kovich help you make a memorable impression and build a truly unique experience with our professional end-to-end art placement services. We provide:

  • A beautiful gallery located in Laguna Canyon to view our wonderful art collection.  

  • Curated collections from renowned, internationally acclaimed artists.

  • Artwork ideal for your unique space, tastes, and clientele, including restaurants and hospitality, corporate and small offices, houses and apartments, and private collections.

  • Conceptualization of new tailored pieces (we work with the artists so you don’t have to).

  • Professional installation to ensure proper placement of all pieces and prevent damage to your walls or the artwork.

  • Ongoing maintenance.

A professionally curated art collection:

  • Creates a more enriching culinary experience at restaurants.

  • Speaks volumes about your personality, values, and brand.

  • Provides conversation starters for party guests.

  • Helps put patients at ease in medical offices.

  • Keeps spaces fresh and culturally relevant.

  • Increases sales and customer retention.

  • Sparks creativity among employees.

With over 20 years of combined experience, Myers-Kovich leverages the complementary talents of its two founders, Andrew Myers, an award-winning visual artist, and John Yerkovich, an experienced manager and customer satisfaction specialist: 

Professional art placement is about much more than matching colors. It is about matching moods. We are committed to creating distinct atmospheres and unforgettable experiences, and do not believe in “art for the sake of putting art on walls”. We would rather hang nothing at all than hang the wrong pieces for your space.